A Berry Sweet Sims 3 Story

Mango 14

“I need to meet some new people.”

“Really, that’s a surprise as it’s been awhile since you’ve wanted to go out and meet people.”

“Yeah, I think it’s time for me to make a few new friends.”

“There’s a couple of people at the pool, a celebrity and an imaginary friend I think.”

“Well, the imaginary friend left so I guess I’ll make friends with Serena instead since she’s famous and I still have a few elixirs left so this will be easy.”

“Good job and this way you didn’t have to through and impress a celebrity with your own celebrity status. You even took time to throw things at your new friend.”

“I was testing her reflexes which aren’t as good as a few other people they’ve tested have.  I still want to find an imaginary friend to make my friend. I never had one so I don’t know how they become real to interact with.”

“It’s a long process and you always had your twin so you didn’t need an imaginary friend. I guess you can track down one that inherited that occult state from their parent.”

“I did find you who does have the imaginary friend gene for you to befriend so now you can hang around her home till she gets home from school.”

“You were right, Megan is one and with an elixir she’s now my friend. I had to use it since she kept wondering off when I tired to talk to her.”

“She was looking hungry and tired after a long day at school, it’s a good thing you still had another elixir.”

“I thought you were getting ready and then going to help get Cloudberry and Melie ready for their birthday party this evening and here you are just letting Logan take care of
Cloudberry instead.”

“I will it’s just going to take a little longer since I need find some new clothes since I’m pregnant.”

“Wait, What? But you haven’t had any signs that you were pregnant, Mango.”

“I have been lucky since I haven’t been sick like Scarlet was with Cloudberry. I’m hoping it’s a little girl as I love my nieces.”

“So no morning sickness for you and not even a single craving either how unlike most pregnancies so you’ve surprised me here.”

“Well, it’s nice that I can even keep surprises from everyone. Although, I should finish up helping with my nieces for their birthday party Scarlet’s throwing.”

“Well, it’s not every day Scarlet gets a chance to throw a party and it is for her girls who are always dotted upon by everyone. I’m sure your daughter would be too.”

“Logan seem to be the one who always like to take the babies for their first birthday. He often help you’re own parents with it too.”

“Uncle Logan is very helpful with them and Scarlet let him so she could cheer Cloudberry on.”

“Cloudberry is another adorable child for them and Citrus and Scarlet seemed to have named their girls very well.”

“It’s a big day for Melie too since she’ll start school soon and my brother will have to let her out for school.”

“Citrus does dote on Melie but she seem very attached to her father too and is a lovely looking child.”

“So are you going to want anything normal for a pregnancy? Most expecting mother’s prefer to read about what to expect and have some sort of food cravings.”

“No, I’m not having any cravings and I’ve just been helping around the house lately. I could use a massage since I’ve started to have some backaches, maybe a day at the spa.”

“That’s easily done and you seemed to have gotten several discounts there too.”

“Yeah, it’s rather nice to spend a few days at the spa.”

“I did notice that as soon as you had one trip there you had to go back. I think you spent most of you time there.”

“I couldn’t help myself it’s so relaxing and I did get to talk to a few people around time too.”

“Signing autographs and showing off your gizmos to passerbys while pregnant is liable to get you noticed in the papers since you’re not married and you’re famous.”

“There wasn’t too many and I did spend most of the time in the spa.”

“And despite spending so much on spa treatments and massages, I have spent some time with Cloudberry too.”

“Hmm, is that why after getting her ready for bed you decided to let her sleep on the floor instead of the crib. I’m thinking you should have read a baby book.”

“Ow, not exactly my fault I didn’t get her into the crib since I’ve gone into labor and it’s quite painful.”

“Well, then we need to get you to the hospital and maybe your child’s father will show up.”

“I’m not sure if Hunter will show up as he’s been working a few night shifts now and has gotten extra assignments and I haven’t really had much chance to talk to him about being
pregnant with our child.”

“Yes, but I’m hoping that he’ll show up even if you did have an avoidance of telling Hunter you were having his child.”

“I really shouldn’t be surprised by what you do anymore, but I didn’t think you’d have twins. And it looks like Hunter didn’t come home with you and the children.”

I was surprised too even if I’m a twin and Hunter is from triplets so it does make since that I had twins.”

“They do belong in this family since they look remarkably like you and Citrus did when Cherimoya brought you home and you did mange to get your daughter you wanted too.”

“I did even if she’s the younger of the them. My son, Quince Ginger is just a bit older than his sister Amber Grape. She’s a hungry one.”

“Now all you have to worry about is raising them yourself since Hunter seems to have missed comin’ home with you.”

“Oh, I told you Hunter has important work and sometimes has night raids.”

“Amber is quickly becoming your favorite of the twins I see.”

“I did want a daughter but Amber is fussier than Quince as he never needs to be rocked to sleep like Amber does.”

“It does seem that you do have to take care of a screaming Amber more often than Quince.”

“My nieces were never as fussy as my daughter and neither is my son. I might need some help with Amber.”

“Have you decided if you’re going to have Hunter involved with the twins?”

“Yup. I want him to be involved with his children and I do love him, so I’d like to marry him now.”

“That just leaves you to stalk his home since he won’t come over when you call.”

“He is easier to find at home after work and he’s been sad that his mom died recently. We do have a lot to talk about and I hope to convince him to marry me.”

“You might as marry him tonight as it works well for you family to have private weddings.”

“I guess I will since I got him to agree to marry me and I would like him to live with us and that way he can get to know his children too.”

“Well, then congrats on getting marrying the father of your children so now he can help you.”

“You and Hunter seem to have settled into taking turns with Amber.  She’s going to end up spoiled that this rate.”

“It takes both of us to handle her she’s just a fussy baby, but at least Quince is easier to care for and is a sweet one.”

“It is a shame that neither of you wanted to throw a birthday party for them.”

“You know I don’t like parties so I don’t think I’ll ever throw them a party like Scarlet does from Cloudberry and Melie.”

“Still Quince is an adorable son and look very much like your father.”

“He does favor my side of the family more, but Amber looks like she going to look very much like Hunter and he does adore her already.”

“Amber’s looks do pretty much say that she’s a daddy’s girl with your cute ears.”


So she up to 29/50 elixirs thrown, and she’s gotten her family straitened out however all her wishes afterward are to train her twins.  She needs to get back with the elixir making and throwing.   Amber is always crying even when there’s nothing wrong with her and her needs seem to drop faster than any of the other children in house.  I think she’s going to be right terror, but I love how Quince turned out.


Mango 13

“A night on the town and you’re alone for it Mango. You really should have invited a friend out with you, it could be much more enjoyable.”

“I’m enjoying myself just fine when the I finally got my drink. I can have fun with just myself in town and since there’s not much going on here I like it.”

“There’s just you and the bartender inside and the bouncer outside so it is to your liking.”

“I think I’ll spruce the place up by giving the place some character with my street art.”

“I’m not sure if that’s entirely appropriate since they kicked you out of the bar afterward.”

“It was their closing time and I have the outside some art too. It’s nice that the snow is finally gone.”

“I know this place just has far too much snow.”

“I’ve got some new gadgets for being rebellious to show off and I can’t wait to find someone.”

“Well, you haven’t seen Hunter or Zeus in awhile so how about one of them.”

“Zeus is ignoring me and I can’t ever find him hanging out anywhere.”

“That leaves Hunter since he’s not busy so you can just track him down and show off your gizmo.”

“It was very nice to see Hunter again and he enjoyed spending some time with me.”

“It had to have been you since I don’t see how a rubber duckie is very interesting to show off.”

“It’s a new and improved model of the rubber duckie. It was a bit sad when he left as he got called into work for a special case.”

“But I did find something else to do while I was here. It’s a perfect place for some more street art. I want to have them covering the town on the ground.”

“You do want to do so much work on them, however, perhaps you should have stopped after the last one at this location and moved on to somewhere else for the night.”

“Oh, I didn’t see the police arrive and apparently not everyone appreciates my work even if the city has paid me to paint for them.”

“True, but they probably thought you wouldn’t do so many together and maybe the cop didn’t know that sometimes the city council uses you to decorate the town at least he only took you home instead to lock up.”

“I’m glad for that since I’m not sure how Hunter would take it that I got arrested since he is a cop too.”

“While you were out, you did miss Scarlet’s birthday and she seems a bit worried about her looks now that she’s older than Citrus.”

“I doubt Citrus will mind since he’s been obsessed with her since we moved here. My twin is hopeless in love with Scarlet.”

“Yes, he’s totally smitten with her and made sure to show her that he doesn’t care that she’s older.”

“How am I going to be able to finish my goal of ten floor murals since they’re watch me now?”

“It will blow over in a day or two, so you could just paint around the house or do something else instead.”

“I guess a few more around the house won’t be too bad even if only my family will be able see them.”

“Your guest can admire your art work as well. The only problem is if your family doesn’t care for them and they do tend to look a bit out of place on the lawn and in the hall ways.”

“I know and Logan thought they were a bit much for the main floor too. I guess the basement is the best place for them since it’s set up for our hobbies.”

“I forgot it was my birthday and I didn’t do anything interesting today since all I did was some artwork.”

“You did what you wanted to do today so it’s your own fault if it was boring. You could always wish for something interesting. But now you and Citrus are full adults and you need to be thinking about getting a move on finishing your dreams and if you every want a family you do need to start one soon.”

“I don’t know but I can think about it since the house is emptier now that my older siblings are moving out.”

“It’s about time that they moved out into their own homes but you can still keep your twin with you and his small family and Logan wasn’t in a hurry to move out either so he’ll be around too.”

“I’m getting closer to finishing up my goal of street murals, these two get me closer and the last one got me a bonus from city hall.”

“These are taking most of your time up, but at least you’re making a little bit of money considering neither you or Citrus or Scarlet have regular paying jobs. You do need another one or two to finish u your goal.”

“Yeah, but I’m going to take a break from them since it’s after dark now and I don’t want to be arrested again so I’ll find something else to do.”

“I’m in the mood to see Hunter again and this time I think I’ll have him over for the evening so he doesn’t find something else to do.”

“It’s been awhile since he stayed the night with you. I’m sure the two of you will have plenty to do together.”

“Yeah, and I found a new use for the tree house that came with the house.”

“That’s not exactly what it was designed for but it’s your choice and at least you’re doing something a bit more interesting then street art.”

“It’s great having Hunter over again and I have several other ideas to spend time with him too. We can use the trampoline that’s not been used yet.”

“I know, someone just had to buy one and it’s been sitting there for months without any use.”

“Hmm, I thought Hunter was going to join me on the trampoline but he keeps getting distracted.”

“He is being easy distracted by the ghost of your father playing on the broken gravitron. You’ll just have be a bit more insistent on him joining.”

“Hunter did eventually join me for some jumping and we ended up with a fun evening before turning in and he left for work before I got up.”

“Well, then it was a great evening for you and maybe you won’t wait so long before seeing him again.”

“I won’t since we didn’t get to dance together so that means another evening together soon.”

“You’ll just have to find something to do while you wait to be able to ask Hunter over for some dancing. You could play with Melie or finish up another street mural.”

“After I finish this mural I’ll just have one more to go to finish them up. But it is sounding like Melie is hungry.”

“She is getting hungry since Scarlet just dropped her into the walker than headed up to bed and Citrus is working on his next masterpiece.”

“Citrus has been busy with Melie since he did teach her to talk and finished potty training her. Scarlet doesn’t do much with her own daughter.”

“That’s not completely true. Scarlet would like to teach Melie to walk but they are on different schedules that one or thee other is hungry or exhausted.”

“Hunter finally came over after work but Logan keeps interrupting before we get to dance.”

“Logan is just more social than than the rest of you and he’s just chatting with Hunter, it’s not like he’s going to flirt with him and he’ll head up to bed before you even think about since he does have an early job at the hospital.”

“I know, but dancing should be fun.”

“Hunter and you do look cute there dancing and he didn’t step too much on your toes either.”

“No, he was a rather good dancer and it was lot of fun. We danced until Hunter was tired and he left for the night since he works tomorrow too.”

“There you go, Mango, you’ve finally finished off all of those floor murals. Now you can do something else.”

“Now I’m going to do some wall murals. I haven’t done as many of them and they need some work.”

“I only thought you were going to want to do something different.”

“See now the basement wall is covered with them and one of them is a masterpiece of wall art.”

“I’m sure it will add character to the house and at least are small enough that they don’t take as long as the street murals.”

“Well, then how about meeting a new ghost and making friends with it. I don’t know enough ghosts since Logan became human again.”

“It’s late to go visiting but you do have your family ghosts and you haven’t met and made friends with all of them. Hmm, it looks like Cranberry is out and you can make friends with her. She’s your great-grandmother, I believe.”

“Cranberry is still a celebrity even after she died.”

“That’s where your friendship elixir will come in handy for instant friendship plus you don’t know how long she’ll hang around.”

“It’s a good thing my elixirs work on ghosts too then and I even showed her how phones are different now which fascinated her.”


“I want to show off another gizmo to Hunter and it’s his day off so he should be available earlier than during the week.”

“It wasn’t hard to find him and he was excited about seeing the new item. And I’d like to spend more time with him today so I think I’ll take him home with me today.”

“Seriously Mango, every time you see him now you’ve got to bring him home with you.”

“It’s the easiest way to get him here. Sometimes people just don’t make it here if I or my sibling just invited them over, it’s just to easy to call later and say you got hung up with something.”

“At least you got him to agree to spend rest of the evening with you and Hunter seems to agree with you all the time.”

“Hunter is always fun to hang out with in bed.”

“But you need to be getting up since you are the only one awake to take care of a hungry Mellie since Scarlet and Citrus left as soon as you and Hunter got here to have their 2nd child.”

“I did say I’d keep an eye on her but I really thought they’d be home by now. I’m found of Mellie so I should go free her from her crib and feed her.”

“Citrus and Scarlet was gone over night for the birth of your new niece, Cloudberry and they all look exhausted from it. Scarlet’s labor must have been a long one.”


I think she’s finally gotten the science and street art mostly out of her system or maybe it’s the mid-life crisis she’s in.  But really every time she sees Hunter she decides to roll another want for him.  I know I didn’t show Scarlet when she was pregnant with the 2nd child but I sort of skipped a lot of pictures and Citrus had been wanting another child since he married Scarlet.   I moved out the oldest children in hopes that SP gives them a love life and the only one who did was Pineapple who married Rosalyn Desiderio who he had as a romantic interest.  Lemon and Honey just have jobs and do nothing else.  Logan still hasn’t gotten a love life and I should have sent him off too probably.

I’ll give you this bonus picture which I didn’t know how/where to add, but before Hunter left he and Citrus was joking around together and became friends. Hunter needs new pjs.

Mango 12

“I know I’ve been gone but a baby is a complete surprise to come home to.”

“Ah, you did miss Citrus bringing home little Watermelon. Apparently Scarlet had been pregnant and hadn’t told him til she had the baby and gave Citrus their daughter.”

“She does look like Scarlet as I don’t really see much of Citrus in her right now.”

“Your right, little Melie does look like she’s going to be completely red like her mother. But maybe she’ll grow into some of Citrus’s looks.”

“It is hard to see how she’s going to look at her age. But Citrus’s daughter is sweet and hungry too.”

“Yes, that must have been the reason you made a beeline for her. It was nice of you to feed her since Citrus is still in bed.”

“I like babies and Melie is a cute one.”

“I do have some plans for the day for myself. I’d like to learn about science. Logan seemed to enjoy learning about and even bought some equipment to try out.”

“Logan did some reading about it before buy the machine so you should probably read the science book before trying out a machine.”

“I’ll read the digital copy of the book so I’ll know what to expect when I do get to try out the lab equipment. Maybe it will be similar to my elixir mixing station.”

“Yeah, your elixir are more of an old world recipe while the lab equipment looks pretty high tech for you to play with.”

“And you’re not the only one who has to go and play with Melie. Pineapple agreed to baby sit her for the evening instead of doing his job. Pineapple is already attached to her.”

“I did notice that Citrus did leave this evening but he didn’t say anything to me. I would think he’d stay home with his daughter.”

“Yes, but he came to a decision and wanted done as soon as possible. And I think Pineapple is going to dote on his niece.”

“Pineapple was running late to rid a home of unwanted spirits, because he spent the day with Melie.”

“And I left for Victoria’s party before Citrus came home so I guess Melie got left with Lemon and Logan. Where did Citrus end up going and what’s taking him so long?”

“Well, Citrus decided not to raise Melie without her mother Scarlet. He did have a time of convincing her to marry him, but he won her over with the ring and she does finally get to stop being the primary babysitter of her baby half siblings all the time.”

“I hope she makes him happy and doesn’t break his heart as she’s been known to see other people.”

“Yeah, but she’s left them behind now for Citrus and her daughter Watermelon.”

“Now did you enjoy the party while you were out?”

“It was pretty dull since it was suppose to be a swim party but it was snowing so no way was I going to go outside. I did do a mural in their barn which was fun.”

“Which explains why you were insistent on painting more at home after you got home.”

“I really enjoy spray painting more than using normal paints.”

“You are working your way into being a rebel.”

“I thought the street art was okay for you as a hobby since it seems to have taken the place of your painting, but shouldn’t you think about getting back to learning more elixirs instead of trying to pick of another new hobby?”

“But the science book caught my interest and now I just want to experiment with Logan’s machine. He’s not using it.”

“I know he wanted it and then didn’t bother using it but he might come back to it when he’s less busy at work or cuddling Watermelon.”

“This is a good thing for me to experiment. I can use the seed I found in the snow to experiment on.”

“At least all of your experiments are going well and not destroying anything.”

“Yeah, and I’m learning new things and I know how to analyse rocks and gems too. I still need to do a bit more experiment before I know how to use them and maybe I’ll see about organic materials next.”

“You’ve been so busy learning all about science and becoming a nerdy rebel that you’re missing Melie’s first birthday.”

“I know but there’s so many people up there and it’s much quieter down in the basement.”

“It was surprising that Citrus wanted to throw a party, but he does like his little girl and wants the best for her so it was her party and she’s the cuties thing and it looked like her eyes lightened up to the pink of her father’s eyes.”

“It also looks like you ducked out of a family Christmas too and it was Melie’s first Christmas.”

“I needed to get out of the house and I was invited to a party. Besides it’s not like I’m not the only one not going to be home, Pineapple was out with Rosalyn.”

“He might have went out with Rosalyn for the day, however, he did bring her back to the house for the night. They make a pretty cute couple if he’d only move a bit faster she might not find anyone new since the death of her last

“So are you at least enjoying the party you are attending?”

“I did enjoy the party Mango threw. It’s was just him and I at the party along with his and Lilly’s daughter, Olivia. She was cute thing and I played with her most of the time.”

“And were was Lilly since she does live with him and had children with Mango even if their not married.”

“Lilly had her oldest children off with her enjoying the winter festival with her extended family.”

“She does have a couple of brothers and nephews to hangout with for Christmas.”

“I did give them some floor artwork for Christmas and I think Mango enjoyed.”

“Yes, even if you should have waited to start until Olivia was out of the way as I doubt the paint fumes where good for her.”

“So you’re planning more scientific experimentation, Mango?”

“Yes, I need to learn more about about the natural order.”

“It’s not going quite as well this time around for you.”

“I know, I destroyed one sample and lost the butterfly I was experimenting on. But look I did eventually get one thing correct and improved a mushroom.”

“True, and you keep getting nerdier since this seems the only thing you want to do lately.”

“That’s not completely true. I did plant a tomato in the house to care grow and I been out protesting again too.”

“Yeah, and that scared me after what you did last time. You were suppose to be ordering a drink for the promotion deal.”

“It ended up closing and then I was stuck in the building till I figured out how to get out of there and it seemed to me that some protesting needed to be done about locking customers in.”

“But as soon as you returned home you continued on your exploration of science.”

“Well, that is the best way for me to get better at it.”

“I know but I fear you’ll miss out on things that you might not want now but could later.”

“I could use a break from the science laboratory in the basement. I could continue practicing my street art.”

“So you’re going to go back on the rebel train with all the street art you have planned now?”

“I’m going to balance the science and the art parts of me that I enjoy both activities. Now where should I do my next wall murals.”

“What about a trip to the park and you can decorate the bathroom with all the murals you’re planning on.”

“I did have room for three of them to be painted on the building and I had a wonderful afternoon doing that. It stays so snowy around here.”

“I know it stays around well into spring.”

“Although, with all your business with experiments and spary painting you’ve missed seeing your neice.”

“I know but Melie does have everyone else in the house looking out for her.”

“True, Citrus has started with teaching her to talk when he takes time from painting. Scarlet tends to find her when she wonders off and little Melie has Pineapple wrapped around her finger when ever she makes a peep.”

“See no need for me to help even if my niece is very cute.”



Mango seems to have forgotten she suppose to be creating and throwing elixirs with all the new skills from UL and she’s gotten repetitive with her wishes.   There was a bit of a hit last chapter with Scarlet being ill, but I thought she was ill too soon for it to be Citrus’s child since SP had her with Forrest Sample.


Mango 11

“It’s a nice evening for the fall festival as isn’t not raining for once.”

“I’m glad it isn’t raining even if Zeus never did show up. I did run into Mulberry and his family at the festival.”

“And you did win the apple bobbing contest against Cherries so I think it turned out okay for you even if Zeus stood you up again.”

“Cherries was here with Mulberry and Lilly since she’s married to Prelude and her son was here to so they made a family event.”

“It did seem they were at a family gathering even if Prelude was at work and Lilly’s children didn’t come with her.”

“I guess I’ll go ahead to Bubblegum’s party that I was invited to as it still doesn’t look like Zeus is going to go out with me.”

“I think you should give up on Zeus and find someone who will actually go out with you in public and maybe isn’t married. Bubblegum isn’t married and he’s a fairy and you do like fairies as you’re always excited to talk with one.”

“Bubblegum is just a friend and fairies are just interesting creatures to learn about. Zeus might come around if I give him a bit more time.”

“Y’all have thing in common too. This party isn’t too crowded, maybe he didn’t invite alot of guests since he knows you don’t like large parties.”

“It was a very quite party and it was to celebrate Bubblegum’s birthday and he was a little worried about getting older. He might be older but he is still an attractive fairy.”

“Yes, but you didn’t talk to him long before you wondered outside and played with a rock. You could have been a more interesting guest if you had did something besides play with a rock you picked up out of the flower bushes.”

“It’s an interesting rock and I’ve not seen one like it before, there’s just something special about it.”

“You know spray painting your own yard might not be the most rebel way to go about your street art.”

“It’s getting colder and I hadn’t planned on going anywhere right know and this way they might not suspect me since it’s on my home too.”

“That makes some sense I suppose. And this new hobby of yours is all you do want to do recently.”

“I find the wall and floor murals easier than the canvas painting and much more satisfying way too.”

“The spare bathroom is a bit bare so I guess your wall art will suit it as no one uses this one often, but you could have painted different murals on it.”

“These were just for practice so it fine that they were the same.”

“At least your siblings don’t mind you painting on the walls.”

“Hmm, you know not one of them wondered what I was doing and I don’t think Citrus has noticed I’m the one you took his spray cans of paint too.”

“Citrus has been over at Scarlet’s or painting on canvas when she’s too busy to spend time with him. He is utterly devoted to her.”

“Yeah, well, I”m not sure she’s the best for him since I’ve heard some rumors that she’s been seen out with Forrest too.”

“Scarlet is pretty flirty person, but Citrus doesn’t seem to mind or he doesn’t know about it.”

“Citrus didn’t even come home by supper either.”

“It looks more like breakfast for you than supper”

“They are left over waffles from Logan’s breakfast, but there were still tasty enough to eat. I even got to enjoy them with Logan for company. He’s so busy being a doctor sometimes and now he’s got a few new books to read for it

“Logan does like to keep his nose in a book now that he’s reached the top of his career and doesn’t seem to make anything new on the inventing table. I think Citrus was helping out Scarlet since she ended up being sick on him.”

“So what will you being doing today, Mango?”

“I’m thinking doing some more wall murals.”

“It’s raining again so it might be best to find an inside activity to do.”

“Well, I didn’t really want to do anything else, but Lemon did convince me to spar with him. It really wasn’t much of a contest as he is so much better at martial arts than I am.”

“He’s been working on his skills more than you, but he did help you improve and you were able to earn your next belt so you did accomplish something. You are the only one here for Lemon to spar with so it was nice of you to spend it with him.

“With Honey having a job that takes her out of the house and her guitar playing, Citrus is following Scarlet around or painting  you’ve taken to running around town painting, and Pineapple has thrown himself into the ghost hunter career and learning more about ghosts no one has much time for Lemon anymore.”

“I guess it was a nice thing for me to do since it was Lemon’s birthday anyways. Pineapple and Lemon didn’t do anything different for their birthdays.”

“It isn’t unusually for y’all not to do much for birthdays if someone else doesn’t take care of it for you.”

“I found another blank wall to paint on and since it’s in the laundry room no one will notice it either.”

“It has been a while since anyone did laundry and you really do enjoy this art work.”

“How about instead of painting more of your home’s walls with street art, you go dancing for your agent.”

“I could invite Zeus to come with me for a date since that way we can go dancing and it should be sort of private in the club.”

“You can only try, but since it’s for a promotion I highly doubt it will be too private.”

“I’ll have to go dancing on my own since Zeus said he couldn’t make it after I got to the club.”

“I thought you said you were dancing.”

“I was but you know I’m going to go tell Zeus that I find it horrible that he keeps standing me up and that he just can’t keep doing this too me.”

“Uh, he’s not likely to date you if you go into a screaming match with him about standing you up for his wife.”

“But he was seeing me before he married her and I want an answer.”

“Doesn’t look like you followed through.”

“I just couldn’t yell at him when I was him outside the club and I do want to go on a date with him.”

“It’s around dawn, but you could have an early morning date with him before he disappears to work maybe and no one is around so perhaps he’ll agree to this one.”

“Yes, I finally got him to agree to a date right now. I think a movie would be nice.”

“I don’t think the movies are running this early but you can go and see.”

“You’re right no movie was showing this early but I did get to spend some time with Zeus and he did say the date was nice before he needed to go.”

“I do want to do a few more of my wall murals and no one is about so I can actually use public walls.”

“Sure, you’re getting quite the reputation as being a rebel with all your street art what’s a few more murals on the side of a club.”

“I finished up the two pieces of art work now I think a trip to the park will make it a nice afternoon.”

“Maybe you’ll run into a few friends at the park then.”

“It didn’t look like anyone was here but the park is nice. I think I’ll just use the megaphone that I own.”

“I’m not overly happy that you just had to have one, but at least you haven’t used it to bother anyone yet.”

“What the world did you do to yourself? Um, Mango how did you collapse. Nooo, don’t die on me.”

“You had best be glad that death relented because I don’t know how I’d tell your family and the ghost of Georgia that I failed at getting you to your goal in life with you dieing at such a young age.”

“I was only making a point and I didn’t know death would take offense.”

“And you look far to happy about what happened.”

“I got to feel like it was to float like a ghost and he did let me live again so everything will be fine.”

“I do feel like spending some time with Hunter now as I need to feel alive again.”

“Oh, well, you could visit his home this time and hopefully he’ll be home for you.”

“I was so glad to see him and he was glad I came to stay the night with him too.”

“Hunter is always happy to see you. I think he likes you since he’s not seeing anyone but you.”

“He always agrees with me and my ideas too.”

“Yeah, but really Mango, using the shower that way was not what I expected of you.”

“I hadn’t thought about the shower until now about it and it was loads of fun with Hunter and the shower.”

“You stole that rock from Bubblegum’s house and now you have to play with it.”

“It makes me feel better too and Hunter is tired and going to bed so I found something to keep myself occupied as I’m not tired. I may have borrowed the rock but Bubblegum just had it laying the bushes so it’s not like they’ll miss it.”

“Why don’t you do something more constructive like more of your wall murals since you want to do more of them and Hunter’s walls are barren.”

“That is a good suggestion and I did manage to finish up two more before I had to leave as Hunter really didn’t want to leave his home unlocked as he was heading into work.”


She’s became very interested in only street art and becoming more of a rebel.  In the game I was freaking out when she collapsed while protesting and since she was doing it on her own I didn’t know what protest she was doing.    With Zeus she had the accuse of cheating but she dropped it when she ran into him which I thought was odd as I’ve never seen them drop it.

Mango 10

“Having fun with Maverick?”

“I had him over to get to know him better and find out what he does with a living. He’s actually a thief and left soon after to get ready for work.”

“He didn’t seem too thrilled when he left so I guess you’re not up to his level of fun.”

“Maverick wasn’t overly thrilled with just getting to know each other better and I suppose I could have found something fun to do. But I’m not entirely sure what he would have had fun doing around here.”

“Yeah, I’m not sure what a evil vampire thief might want to do to have fun. Probably something you’re not quite up for.”

“I guess since he left earlier than I thought he would I can spend the evening making a few more friendship elixir for me to use.”

“You do like to make friends, but this is good for you.”

“It’s a good think that I always seem to have the ingredients for this elixir and it is an easy one to make. I like making new friends sometimes they just don’t like things about me.”

“It would be easier on you sometimes if you could handle the crowds easier but the elixir makes sure that it doesn’t matter about the opposing views.”

“And it’s well after dark and a full moon at that so it looks to be too late for me to run around and make a friend.”

“Yes, it is late and there might be zombies running around so it might be the best for you to have some supper and rest up for tomorrow.”

“Dinner was some leftovers but I have one more thing to do before I get some sleep and that’s to send Zues a love letter.”

“You do know that he’s married and sending love letters just might ruin his marriage if his wife finds out about them.”

“I’m just telling him how I enjoyed the kiss we shared and it’s not my fault he got married and still finds me attractive.”

“You’ve nearly slept the day away, Mango. I thought it was the day to get another friend or two.”

“I didn’t mean to sleep so long but I’ve had several long nights and then I needed a shower and clean clothes, but now I’m ready to go and make some friends. Where to start first?”

“You’ve not visited the salon so you could check it out and see if there are people you haven’t made friends with there.”

“The salon’s workers where leaving but I did manage to talk to the guy that was playing guitar for the customers and it’s so neat that he has the same name as I do, Mango.”

“That could be interesting with Mango and Mango as friends and it looks like he did make friend with you after the use of an elixir.”

“Well, we had a few things in common and he’s cute too but I thought faster would be better with the use of the elixir.”

“I thought you’d talk a bit longer with him since it seemed that the two of you were getting along quite well and he’s not married.”

“Zeus called me and he enjoyed my letter I sent and wants to meet me at the Red Velvet Lounge so I had to cut it short with Mango since it is Zeus.”

“Yes, we can’t have you missing out on meet up romantically with a married man.”

“She doesn’t look like Zeus.”

“No, Zeus never showed up. But I did meet another fairy and Cotton Candy is the younger sister of Bubblegum and Peppermint.”

“I guess Zeus must not have been able to get away to meet you even if it was his idea. You should go ahead and make Candy your friend since you are already friends with her brothers.”

“She’s pretty nice but the reason I haven’t seen her at Bubblegum’s is because she’s recently married Maverick. I’d like her to be my friend but we had to take it outside since the place was closing.”

“You really do have late nights and two new friends in a single day isn’t too bad for the day even if Zeus did stand you up.”

“I’m close to having my twenty-five friends. So I’d like to work more on that goal of mine.”

“You are getting really close you just lack a few more friends to reach it so I think that’s quite doable for the day or more like afternoons and evening.”

“I have a late schedule but so do most of my siblings too.”

“True, since Citrus has spent nights painting and Pineapple and Honey do work nights and Lemon does whatever he does around the house.”

“How about getting to be friends with Lilly? You did go to school with her and Pineapple is friends with her and she’s doesn’t seem to busy.”

“It’s not too busy at the bistro during the afternoon so it is the best time to come here. I will make friends with her as she’s the only one here.”

“That does sort of make it easy to choose who to become friends with and a friendship elixir will hurry that along.”

“It did but we got along well and even chatted together until dark.”

“You did seem to get along with Lilly rather well and talk about everyone in the family.”

“It’s what I know best and both her brother do work with Honey and she is friends with Pineapple and Lemon.”

“Ah, I forgot that Lemon was her friend too, well now most y’all are friends with her and her brothers.”

“She did have to leave as it was getting dark since she has three children of her own even if she’s not married. She had meant to be home when her eldest came home from her first day of school, but I kept her a bit long talking about families.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed your time with Lilly and she is one of the few human friends you do have.”

“Next time I see Lilly I want to give her a gift. I think she needs one since she’s busy with her children and it might make her day.”


“You know you only need one more friend and I think you can do that since I saw a fairy you haven’t made friends with yet in front of city hall.”

“I don’t know how I hadn’t met Killarney’s mother before, but that who she was and I quickly made friends with Willow. I’m glad that I have my twenty-five friends now.”

“It is a good accomplishment of yours. Now I don’t know what you’ll do next, but maybe you’ll find another elixir to use.”

“You weren’t the only one out and about this evening either. Lemon got asked out by Glacier and they seemed to have fun getting to know each other.”

“That’s good since sometimes I don’t think Lemon every leaves the house.”

“True, he hadn’t left the house in weeks so he was very glad to get out. He deserves to get out more often. Even Pineapple and Citrus made it out on the time to catch up with Rosalyn and Scarlet at the Berrywill. It seems to be the place to hangout past it’s business hours.”

“Still it’s good that everyone gets out like I do sometimes.”

“I do want to take Zeus on another date.”

“You are your mother’s daughter aren’t you. Well, there’s no time like the present to see if he’ll go on a date.”

“Zeus did agree to meet me at the park for our date so I’ll get to see the new setup for the fall festival that’s came to town.”

“There will be plenty of activities for the two of you to do together there.”

“Yeah, well as soon as he got there he had to leave for work at the giving fortunes since that’s what he does. It seems that it’s a busy season for them, so I didn’t get my date.”

“There will be other chances for a date. Next time you’ll just have to try for a day that he has off.”

“But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the day. There are still games you could play.”

“The games just would be fun without anyone to play them with so I think I’ll pass on them.”

“Hmm, it looks like Lilly is across the street at the martial arts center so you could go and give her the gift.”

“Yes, that’s what I’ll do, that way I don’t have to carry this extra book around with me.”

“It looks like she appreciated the book.”

“Yeah, she said it was perfect choice and then she hurried off home.”

“You hurried out of the center when she left too.”

“Well, Veronica kept dragging people over to train them and I really didn’t want to.”

“I’d much rather play with Citrus’s new art supplies.”

“He just bought the spray paint and you’re the one who wants to create some street art.”

“I did snag them on the way out and it would be a new medium of artwork to learn.”

“Have fun and hopefully no one objects to it and that you don’t get into trouble.”

“I really like this kind of art and it’s not too difficult.”

“And Zeus said he’d meet me at the park after work tonight so it’s going to be a date.”

“Looks like he’s stood you up again.”

“He might just be running late since all I had to do was walk over to the park and he’s got to drive here from work. While I wait I can do some more street murals.”

“You really do enjoy defacing public spaces don’t you, you rebel.”

“It is a whole lot of fun, but I wonder where Zeus is as he should have been here by now.”

“I looked around the park for you and it seems he’s hiding behind the bathrooms in the shrubbery. Go on over there and see if he’ll go on a rather late date with you.”

“It’s a strange place for him to wait around in the park when he could have just came up to me.”

“Yes, well, perhaps he’s a bit embarrassed about running around on his wife.”

“He wouldn’t go on a date with me.  Apparently he can’t be seen in public with me and this place is deserted.”

“Didn’t stop him from coming home with you.”

“I did have an idea on how to end our date that we never had, so we just skipped to him staying the night with me.”

“You know that doesn’t sound like he’s really the one for you. Maybe after this you need to find someone more available for your dating needs.”

“I do like Zeus and I’m not sure if I want to do that right now.”


For some reason after putting everything back in from adding University, Zeus skin is now shiny looking.   Mango has reached 24/50 elixir used and 8/10 on the alchemy skill, but since University she’s taken an intense interest in street art and not a thought to much else.  Zeus keeps coming up with excuses not to go on a date with her.   She’s also naughty with sleeping with both Hunter and Zeus now.   Citrus has a eternally faithful reputation.   Lemon, Honey, and Logan seemed not to care if they ever find love.  Pineapple is having pinning down Rosalyn frequently.

Mango 9

“Urg, I keep messing up my invigorating elixir.”

“Well, you are bit on the distracted side.  Maybe from kissing Hunter and deciding that you need to kiss Zeus too.”

“I do feel a little distracting and I know I dropped that on you suddenly but I had such a fun time with Zeus and we do have more in common so I feel like I need to explore that too.”

“Okay, but that will have to wait and you need to concentrate on the elixir.”

“You’re right I can’t let it distract me as I’ve made this elixir before without any problems and I can again.”

“And there you go one successful invigorating elixir.”

“You’ve almost have a family breakfast time for once.  You just have your older twin brothers missing and Logan.”

“We’re the only ones home and up as Logan’s at work and Honey is fixing to get ready for work and I had to catch up with Citrus as he is spending more time away from home than working on his paintings.”

“He has been spending more time over at Scarlet’s but then she is more comfortable there than at your house for some reason.”

“You on the other hand are working diligently on painting.”

“I want to improve some more and it is going so slow and then Zeus is always busy anymore.  I still haven’t given up on kissing him.”

“I know you’ve become more determined in that but he seems to have a very busy life now.  He works and he got married and moved in with his new wife.  Maybe he just trying to distance himself from you since y’all did have several dates together so you are  just going to have to be a bit more patient in getting him.”

“That will give me plenty of time to finish my paintings.”

“Several days of painting and you’ve finally managed to finish up two large paintings and I think the one of Pineapple turned out quite well.”

“He posed with his ghost hunter attire.  He really enjoys his job and doesn’t mind the odd hours.  But I have decided that I’m going to be a professional painter like Citrus that way I can paint when I want to and just sell them.”

“I see why the two of you are twins as the two of you have to do similar things to each other.”

“I was so busy I didn’t even check in with Citrus or seen anyone really.”

“Citrus has been seeing Scarlet, but she has to babysit her youngest siblings and I think that’s causing some strain for Citrus as he can’t have her to himself on a date.  And the Pineapple has found a new hobby with beginner’s nectar making.  He’s even ordered some equipment so he can experiment at home.”

“Where is he going to set up his nectar distillery when it arrives?”

“With a little rearranging in the basement I think there’s room for it in the room with the time machine and inventing workshop.  It might not be the best spot but it will do for now.”

“I need to get out of the house and spend some time with people, but Zeus still won’t hang out with me.”

“He has become a bit troublesome in tracking down, but maybe this could be the best for you so you have plenty of time to think about it.”

“I’m not going to change my mind.  Since I want out I think I’ll visit the Fairy maze and look for actually fairies there in the arbor.”

“You are looking disappointed.”

“I didn’t find any fairies in there I guess I’m not having much luck today.”

“Well, I don’t the night’s not over so something could happen.”

“Do you think Hunter is still up?  I could talk with him it’s been awhile and I really am a bit lonely.”

“You could go and talk to him, but you might be uncomfortable at Berrywill since it’s always so crowed and that’s where he is.”

“It is rather crowed in here and I’d rather if I could talk with somewhere quieter. I could invite him over and there we could talk.”

“That’s a good idea for you to try and it will be more comfortable for you to take him home.”

“He did agree to come home with me.  He was a bit uncomfortable with all those people he didn’t know.  Hunter doesn’t mind crowds if he knows them but there was just too many strangers there for him so we have something sort of in common.”

“You did make it home with Hunter.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect Lemon to still be in his underwear and down in the foyer.”

“Lemon hasn’t been getting dressed as he hardly leaves the house recently. I think the reason he was in the foyer was to tend to the plant in here so it doesn’t die.  I’m sure he won’t bother you and Hunter as he still needs to care for the plants outside too.”

“That’s good as I have plans for Hunter to stay over tonight.”

“He could have plans or at least he’ll need some sleep eventually since he does work tomorrow.”

“He could but I’m sure I can convince him to stay.”

“When you don’t seem him you don’t think too much about him but as soon as you run into him again you get all sorts of ideas to know Hunter better.”

“Hunter will be staying the night and just leave for work in the morning from here.”

“And I can see that I’m not need at the moment since Hunter seems to fall perfectly in with your plans without much effort.”

“So I thought afterward I’d find you asleep but instead you’ve managed to Hunter into the hot tub too.”

“I wanted to soak in the hot tub with him and I’m enjoying my evening.  Hunter is fixing to be out of the hot tub and go to bed, but I’m still feeling awake so I’ll have to figure out something to do by myself.”

“It is rather late to start much of anything or go anywhere so something around here.”

“It looks like a werewolf in in the backyard so you could go make friends with him before he takes off again.  It looks like he’s been just running around.”

“Yes, I can have another friend and with a werewolf so that will be good to know another one.”

“I’m not sure arguing is helping there.”

“I know but Mercury started it.  He’s a bit on the hateful side and I thought since he’s Zeus’s older brother he’d be just as nice as Zeus.”

“Not all siblings are as similar in personality as you and your siblings are.”

“It’s a good thing I still had another friendship elixir so I don’t have to try too hard to be his friends as that was going to be a challenge like some of the other I’ve made friends with.”

“It has seemed the last ones you’ve befriended have been different than you.”

“I noticed that Citrus wasn’t home tonight and still not and it’s morning.”

“He spent the night with Scarlet as he seemed to have the same idea as you did with Hunter but decided it was best for him to go to her as Scarlet had to babysit her youngest siblings.”

“You did get some sleep eventually it looks like.”

“I did go to bed after Mercury left and it was before Hunter left too.  I did wake up very hungry through and didn’t want to wait for Logan to get finished cooking.”

“That’s fine as he was only making enough for him to eat.  It’s his first perfect dish and he found a use for those life fruit he picked for the science center project he was working on till it was cancelled before it was finished.”

“It looks odd but that’s okay I enjoyed some cookies.  This is another reason I don’t like Honey throwing parties as they leave food to ruin and people stay for days without leaving sometimes.”

“Lonnie does seem to have wandered inside and he was at her last party.”

“Wow, Logan changed after eating his food.”

“Indeed he did, now he has a chance to live again and maybe find love again.”

“Citrus still hasn’t made it home from his night over with Scarlet.”

“He doesn’t have a job like Hunter that requires him to be somewhere so he just hasn’t made it home yet.  Besides he’s getting Scarlet’s attention which makes him happy since she’s not overly enthused with dates when he suggests them.”

“I still don’t have enough friends yet, so this afternoon I can go out and make a few more friends.”

“It looks like you’re out of friendship elixir and as that is an immense help in making friends you should go and make a few of them before heading out.”

“They do come in handy when I run into sims that aren’t too friendly or have a difference of opinion than me.  I can make a few to take with me as this elixir I’m very good at making.”

“You do well at brewing elixirs which makes your life easier.”

“Now I have a couple of friendship elixir so I’m ready to go make a few more friends.”

“It’s gotten later, however there are a few guys you haven’t met at the grocery store and one of them is Tapestry’s older brother so he’s another vampire for you to befriend.”

“I didn’t see Maverick so I introduced myself to the ghost.  His name is Caramel and wasn’t all that interesting so I made quick work with my elixir to make him a friend.”

“It looks like Maverick was in the grocery store to buy some stuff so you can catch him when he comes out.”

“Maverick is a little more interesting than Caramel, but it’s late and I’m getting tired so I guess I’ll use another elixir for him.”

“It is the best idea as he looks like he needs to be heading home too.”

“Scarlet surprised me with being here when I got home.  She looked quite happy to be here and she normally doesn’t come over.”

“She is having a good time here for once and she came home with Citrus from her home.  I think they’ve been up to their normal activities it’s a wonder that she’s not pregnant with all the woohoo they do together.”

“I’m sure they’re careful.”

“They can be but still accidents do happen.”

“You are working hard on that painting.”

“I need some more practice if I’m ever going to have a good job out of painting.”

“It’s turning out nicely and I think you are improving.”

“I finished just in time too as I’ve got a date with Hunter today.”

“I think the summer festival looks a bit wet.”

“When we made the plans to meet here I didn’t realize it would be raining and that it’s really too wet out for any of the activities to have fun with.”

“You could just take him home with you and find some indoor activity to do there.  It’s not like y’all don’t own anything to play with.”

“We did go to my house and he did enjoy time with me even if we just chatted some.”

“And why did you abandon him to paint?”

“I just couldn’t handle the crowd showing up as Honey is throwing another party.  He didn’t seem to mind and Logan was talking to him.”

“Still Hunter is your company so you could do anything with him.”

“I’m good besides I’ve got several commissions to work on as my art dealer would like several more to show off to prospective buyers.”

“I’m not sure the weird looking bunny is what they’ll want to buy.”

“I’m not the only one that looked for something to do to get out of the party.  Citrus was on the upstairs easel and Pineapple isn’t even here.”

“Citrus was finishing up a masterpiece and Pineapple was off at Rosalyn’s home expressing his affections for her which is about time for him.”

“I spent all night working on my paintings and my agent found a buyer for them too.”

“The red one looks like the green one you painted before.”

“The same person wanted a matching painting for his office and the flower one sold well to as it was just brilliant.  I’ve worked myself into exhaustion but I’ve gained interest in the painting world which is want I wanted.”

“You’re even too exhausted looking to make a date with Zeus as I know he doesn’t have work this evening.”

“I have an invigorating elixir I can drink that way I know that he’s free to meet up with me as I haven’t given up on kissing him.”

“I know which is why I’ve kept an eye open for his schedule just for you, so the elixir is a perfect idea.”

“Zeus did have time to go on a date with me and we’re meeting indoors just in case it decides to rain.”

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain on you this evening so it will work out for you.”

“Yup, it does look like it’s going to work for me.”

“I’m pretty sure you surprised him with the kiss.”

“It did go great and he did enjoy the kiss too.  I just didn’t realize I kissed him in front of his father and brother until Mercury yelled at us and then Zeus took off.”

“They are going to be upset since Zeus is a married man and there you go kissing him.”



“Maybe if I go and befriend his father I can explain that I needed to kiss Zeus to see how I do feel and his dad’s a werewolf and I need another werewolf friend.”

“He might but it is definitely going to take an elixir as you’re not getting off to a good start with him catching you kissing his married son.”

“At least he’s not quite as upset as Mercury was and Alabaster did become a friend.”

“And Mercury upsets me so I want to throw a potion at him, but the only one I’ve got besides a friendship elixir is a bliss one.”

“Just throw it at him then, it could make him happier or at least forget about being upset with you for kissing Zeus.  I wonder how this is going to fall out if it gets around town as you are a celebrity.”



This was a longer post but I wanted to get most of what I had out.  I’m waiting for all the mods to be updated for University Life before opening the file back up so it will take some time before I get back to Mango.   Pineapple has finally decided that he needed a love life and choose Rosalyn Desiderio from Desiderio wishacy.    Maybe next time Mango will choose which one or maybe she’ll just continue with the elixir making and tossing.

Mango 8

“Look at you attending another party so soon.”

“I was getting out for awhile and I’m enjoying myself at this one as it’s not overly crowded like most parties.”

“Veronica’s party didn’t have any guests but you show up so I guess that’s why you’re enjoying yourself here.”

“There is that. You know I don’t like large crowds that always seem to happen at parties thrown at home by my family. I could do something else since the party isn’t necessary for me to continue to attend.  I could go and hang out with Affair.”

“He’s at home so you could go and hang out there.”

“If you ever make it pass the front door.  It seems Prelude and the Mulberry had to have your attention.”

“Prelude answered the door and invited me in but then he chatted with me first which led to Mulberry realizing that I was here and he had to talk to me too.”

“They did keep interrupting each other to talk to you so that was a little strange looking.  I think both must be attracted to you.”

“I suppose so, but I did eventually found Affair in his room and he had a pillow fight in which I won it.  Affair wasn’t very forceful with the pillow like some people I’ve known.”

“He did look a bit scared about how hard you were hitting him.”

“I may have been a bit rough but it didn’t hurt our friendship.”

“Lemon and Pineapple made this look a lot easier than it is.”

“It is your first time to work out so you will have to work on it.  You haven’t ever been interested in exercise before.”

“I’m still not too interested in it, however I was encouraged to work out since I’m a celebrity and need to look my best.  My brother told me this is normal as they work out pretty often to keep in shape for the paparazzi.”

“You have managed to keep to just a few minor visits to the hospital and school.”

“I think that’s enough for today and I’ll try some more exercise later.”

“So now do you can have some great plans for the day maybe that date with Zeus?”

“He won’t get off work till 6 p.m. so I’ve got some time to spend.  And I think I’ll tend to the garden as it’s gotten a little raggedy.”

“Lemon does seem to be taking a break from it in favor of studying his cooking shows and books or going out on the dates.”

“At least none of the plants had withered away and the ones outside have perked up with spring and the rain.”

“You look entirely too cheerful out in the rain especially as after you finished the garden you called Zeus and he was too busy to go out with you tonight.”

“He had plans with his family so he couldn’t go out with me tonight but he did agree to go out with me on another night.  This way I can spend rest of the day finishing my painting up.”

“I know you’re trying to improve your paintings but this looks like a children’s painting.”

“I know, but I like painting different things and not just the same type of paintings.  I do need more practice at paintings if I’m going to be as good as Citrus.”

“He has an easier time at painting than you as he’s naturally gifted so you may always be chasing after that ambition.”

“You changed clothes just to eat some supper.”

“I wasn’t going to but Honey has thrown another party and my workout clothes were dirty and I had to have a bath too, so it was easy to just change clothes.”

“Does that mean you are going to join the guests listening to Honey preform for them?”

“No, there’s just too many there and I am going to start a new painting.”

“This painting looks to use a lot of bright colors.”

“It is going to use more paint then the last one and I’m practicing on painting objects around me and this is Lemon eating supper since he came in to eat just as I finished eating.”

“It’s a good plan to use your siblings as models for your practicing and they can join the other paintings of family scenes hanging in the house.”

“Mango, you’ve been sleeping all day and it is a day that I believe that Zeus is off from work and you are supposed to meet up with him today.”

“I was tired from painting into the night and I am up.  Logan and I have been talking about our fishing experiences and I’ve learned some new techniques from him so I haven’t been doing nothing this afternoon.”

“Logan is a very accomplished fisherman; he’s even caught the elusive death fish.”

“The martial arts academy seems an odd choice to meet with Zeus for you date.”

“I wasn’t sure what he’d like to do for our date and I want this one to be a great date and this way we’re close to the park or just an easy drive up to the clubs.  However, I hadn’t planned on the rain.”

“It’s safe to say that going to the park might not be the best of ideas as the rain won’t make for the best of dates there.  And make sure you give him the roses since the date is your idea and you’re taking him places for the evening.”

“He really did enjoy the white roses.  They remind me of his hair.”

“His hair is perfectly white like the roses were.”

“We did discuss where to go to get out of the rain and decided on a movie which ended up being a very lengthy movie.”

“It is almost midnight and the two you managed to get dried out at the theater.”

“It was a great movie and Zeus had to leave to go home after the movie however he thought it was a great date too.”

“I keep painting but I don’t see much improvement in my abilities.”

“It’s just going to take time, Mango.  You don’t have any innate talent in painting and that means the progress will be slow but you will get there.”

“I finished up the painting of Lemon eating and it was just bad and this yellow abstract I’m not happy with either.”

“Maybe you just haven’t found the subject that you like to paint yet.  And maybe a break from painting is what you need.”

“I could go out and make a new friend that always makes me feel better.”

“It’s a bit late to go around finding new friends, however, Logan has a friend over for the night and you could make friends with Peppermint, he is Bubblegum’s older brother.”

“Peppermint isn’t quite like his brother Bubblegum and we didn’t really have anything in common.  But I did use an elixir to make him my friend.”

“If you say so, he did leave after you threw the elixir at him.”

“He left because it is very late and Logan had gone up to bed.  I’m the only one still up except that it looked like that Citrus wasn’t home yet.”

“Ah, that’s because he was spending the night with Scarlet and isn’t coming home.”

“Oh, well that explains why he’s not finishing his painting upstairs.”

“He’ll finish it eventually.  You on the other hand I worry about as working out in your swimwear doesn’t seem the brightest idea.”

“I thought maybe I was tripping over the pants from my workout outfit, but now I’m a bit sore.  However, I did finish up my regiment that my agent gave me hopefully he’ll give me something else do it that’s safer on my knees.”

“You would eventually get good enough not to keep tripping up on the treadmill.”

“I guess your agent did listen to you about not working out and getting you a safer job with the commercials.”

“The commercials where easier and they actually pay me too.  I did notice a teen who is working part-time there with very familiar eyes as they look like mine and Citrus’s and with that hair he must be some relation to us but I don’t recall him in any pictures mom got of cousins.”

“You’re right that hair just screams the Marmalade relative, but it couldn’t be any of your half-siblings’ offspring as they stayed behind.”

“What if he’s one of our cousins’ from mom’s siblings as a few of them did move here too?”

“Ah, but he isn’t.  I did some magical checking and he is actually your nephew.  He’s is Citrus’s son.”

“But how? He’s a teenager and Citrus and I aren’t old enough to have a son that old.”

“Well, the time machine caused it and since Sky has one in her home he came to her instead of Citrus but why he had a child with her in the past when he’s always with Scarlet amazes me.  At least Sky’s husband seems to be okay with it.”

“I know as Scarlet is the only one he ever talks about and visits.”

“I’d like to see Hunter again as it’s been awhile since I saw him last.”

“You mean the night that you became friends with him.  He’s at work so you’ll just have to find something else for you to do till then.”

“I could learn martial arts.  Lemon has been bemoaning that no one else knows how and can’t find a sparring partner.  He’s made it sound interesting to know.

“Lemon is athletically inclined and he enjoys working out so learning martial arts is another physical pursuit for him. It is a skill that many of your ancestors have practiced through none actually fully mastered it.”

“I’m not very good at this at all and it hurts when the training dummy flips back.”

“You’ll get there.  It’s just going to take you longer than expected.”

“I’m making progress even it is getting late and Hunter might not be available now.”

“Look you were able to earn your first belt and that is an accomplishment even if it is well into the evening.  I’m sure you’ll find some time for Hunter after you go home.”

“Hey, Hunter is at my home.  How did you manage that for me?”

“I had some help with that as I think Logan is looking out for you since he wanted to visit a bit with Hunter and invite him over for the evening.  See everything works out for you in the end.”

“It does and I can get to know him and his sign.”

“It turns out that we do have compatible signs even if we don’t seem to have any other common interests.  But I like him and I want my first kiss to be with Hunter.”

“You are always surprising me with what you want and there’s no time like the present to get your kiss.”

“I’m not trying to be surprising and he likes me too so it was easy to get a kiss.  I like it and I’ll have to try out kissing some more maybe I’ll kiss Zeus next.”

“Wait, what?”


See Julie, Mango might not wait to be old to find love just maybe more than one. 😀  I did think there was going to be trouble with Mulberry and Prelude since they kept interrupting each other to talk to her and keep her from going into the home to talk with Affair  They both wanted her attention.   Logan keeps having friends over which keeps working out for Mango it’s like he’s helping.  I think Honey and Lemon are going to die alone and maybe Pineapple too.  Logan looks destined to be alone too.

Mango 7

“I’d like to collect a few more butterflies that way if I ever need them for my elixirs I will already have them stored at home.”

“Planning ahead can be useful, but I’m not sure if there are very many butterflies around as it is winter and they seem harder to find in this weather, but there might be some so you can go and look and hopefully there will be some for you to catch.”

“Maybe there are some at the fairy maze where I caught the purple butterfly.”

“It looks like there are a few white or silvery butterflies for you to catch.”

“This butterfly was easy to catch as it just landed on me and they do remind me of winter too.  So where am I off to next for another butterfly?”

“I was only able to find one other butterfly and it’s at the park near your home.”

“I caught the pale yellow butterfly.”

“You were a bit rougher with that one.”

“It was a lot trickier to catch so this one is a bit smashed, but I caught it.  Now I just need to catch one more.”

“That’s going to be difficult as I’ve been able to find you another butterfly to catch.  It seems most of them have disappeared with all this snow.  I think you may just have to wait till spring gets here to finish catching butterflies.”

“Oh, well I guess I can be patient.”

“On a better note, I have located a fairy family for you to make friends with.  I know you have wanted to meet another one.  And it so happens that you are close to their home so you can just run on over there and visit them.”

“I like fairies so I’ll be glad to meet them.”

“Are you sure the fairies are home?  I’m been waiting out here for awhile now and it is cold out here.”

“They were here and they really should be here so I don’t know why no one is answering the door.  I guess they could be too busy to answer the doorbell.”

“Well, I’m cold and I really don’t think they are home so I’m going home where it’s warmer.”

“It doesn’t look like your heading home.”

“I was but then Killarney asked me out, however, I’m been waiting outside the theater getting colder and he’s still not arrived.”

“You’re having a bit of a rough time with people not showing up for you this evening.  I guess you really should have gone home for the rest of the evening.”

“He could have had the decency to call to tell me he wasn’t going to show up.”

“There’s still time for you to head on home and start on your elixirs as you don’t seem tired.”

“I think I’ll do that since it would be nice to make another invigorating elixir.”

“Mango, you seem to have gotten distracted about the elixir brewing.”

“Logan was just looking a bit tired since he worked overtime at the hospital covering for a sick doctor so he had a really long day as well and he’d also spent some time collecting rocks.  I have a lot in common with him.”

“Not too much since he’s got a perchance for inventing and chess and you have other interests.  I think it’s just because y’all are both dedicated to your family.”

“You should let him get off to bed since he did have a long day and he’ll have another one tomorrow and get to your elixirs.”

“It was just a small break before starting the elixir and it’s coming along well.”

“It is the right color.  You haven’t used the last one so are you going to be using these elixirs for yourself at some point.”

“I don’t know but I’ve successfully made enough for two elixirs this time.”

“Weren’t you heading to bed?  I know you were looking tired after finishing up with elixir brewing.”

“I was only a bit tired and the hot tub looked inviting so I went for a nice relaxing soak.  But I’m now feeling exhausted.”

“As you should be it is morning and you never went to bed. You know so that you don’t miss an entire day you should try out your invigorating elixir.”

“Okay, but I’ll drink just because it’s already mid-morning and I’m hungry too.”

“Yes, because it’s never a good idea to be exhausted and starving at the same time.  Then after you eat you can track down some fairies to befriend.”

“The elixir tasted okay but not the tastiest thing I’ve drank.  Now I’m ready for some breakfast or brunch.”

“You’ve spent plenty of time eating, showering, and getting ready to head out.  Citrus has already had time to meet up with Scarlet and then come home after she had to leave and finish a painting.”

“I couldn’t go and meet new people without looking my best as I was out yesterday catching butterflies and then creating elixirs neither are very clean jobs to do.  Only when I garden or work out do I get dirtier faster.”

“Apparently the reason why you didn’t meet the fairies yesterday was because they were in the process of moving to a new home so that’s where you will be going this afternoon.”

“That’s a better reason than that they didn’t want to meet me or they were too busy to answer the door.”

“True, and this time you did get answer and now you can meet the family.”

“Actually, I’m not getting to meet the family as they’re still unpacking and they have a haunting problem so they didn’t let me in.  I’ll have to come back some other day.”

“You’re just not having any luck with this family.  Maybe you’ll just have to meet someone else to be friends with.”

“Also I spent so much time getting here that my elixir is starting to wear off and I’m going home to crash.”

“The snow is finally gone and I was able to find some butterflies for you to catch, they’re pretty far off but this way if you ever need another purple butterfly you’ll have one.”

“I was able to catch one of the purple ones and I didn’t damage it too much and it didn’t take too long so I’ll be able to make Sky’s party that she invited me to.”

“And here I thought you didn’t like parties as you never enjoy them.”

“Sky is my friend and it would be rude not to show up.”

“Still it looks like you’re not going in to enjoy the party even if you did show up.”

“I arrived early however Sky said she had to cancel the party since there was furniture moving on it’s one and they were having it investigated tonight.  I guess they called my brother since that’s his job.”

“Yes, it does look like Pineapple is having plenty of work and it happens to end up where you go.  Hmm, so what can you do now, you still have your friendship elixirs with you?”

“Yeah, since I haven’t had a chance to use them.  I guess I could go and find some friends.”

“That’s what I think too and how about making friends with Sky’s brother since he lives right next door to her.”

“I’m already her brother’s friend.”

“Sky has another brother that you haven’t hung out with before.  You’re friends with Forrest, but her other brother Hunter is the one you can make friends with now.”

“It is close by so he shouldn’t have time to leave before I get there so that may work better in my favor.”

“That’s what I was thinking too.”

“See he let you in with no problem and it’s the perfect time to toss that friendship elixir.”

“The elixir worked like it should and he was more interested in talking to me after I used it too.  He’s a bit quieter than Sky and Forrest.  Hunter is also very attractive.”

“What?  I thought he looked like Forrest and you weren’t attracted to him.  And I looked off to see how Pineapple was faring against the poltergeist and you are actually flirting with him.”

“I told you he was hot looking and he’s interesting too.”

“You do surprise me at times, Mango.”

“But I should have sent you home instead since one of the new fairies dropped in on your home and Citrus talked to him while you were gone.”

“I could meet him now since it was late and Hunter asked me to leave.”

“It looks like he headed off after Citrus turned in for the night, so you’re just a little late.”

“Mango, shouldn’t you get ready to head out to visit the Dream fairies not painting.”

“I thought I’d work on my painting this afternoon as I figured they wouldn’t be home till later if they have jobs.”

“They do work, but it is evening time so head on over there before it’s too late.”

“With me heading out the house is pretty much empty, I think Citrus is the only one left that’s up.”

“True with Pineapple and Honey at their jobs and Logan went to bed early and then Lemon went off to a bar for a drink.  I think it will be nice for Citrus as he did have Scarlet over so maybe she’ll stay longer this time instead of leaving so soon on him.”

“Oh wow, all of the Dream family are fairies and their so pretty too.”

“Don’t look too shocked, I did tell you they were fairies, just brighter than Killarney’s family.  Now how about you make Bubblegum your first target for friend and then you can make friends with his younger sister and older brother.”

“Well, they all seem nice so why not.  He didn’t seem to mind that I met him in the bathroom but there wasn’t room to throw the elixir so we had to move to another room and now Bubblegum is my newest friend.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you take any one’s picture with your phone before.  Bubblegum must have made an impression on you.”

“Um, actually that was Zeus asking me out and I said I’d meet him so I’ll meet Bubblegum’s siblings on another day instead.”

“It is late for a date.”

“So we’re meeting up at the all night diner and that should be fine.”

“He did show up so that was better than the last late night date you had.”

“Zeus did show up and we watched the stars together as the moon sat since it is almost dawn.”

“You know the two of you are perfect as it looks like Zeus gets excited about small things too like you did with catching butterflies and other things too.”

“He was also thoughtful and brought a picnic for us to watch the sunrise together and I had a nice time.”

“It was a cute date that he planned for you.”

“It was a good date and I hope the next one I go on with Zeus will be a great one.”



So Mango shocked me with flirting all on her own with Hunter Sample from the Samples (I colored him a different shade of purple) and I checked his traits and they don’t have any in common.  She’s not going to do anything the normal way I think.   Also she can’t go into the homes where Pineapple has a job and it keeps happening to her.   Citrus keeps trying to woohoo with Scarlet but she always leaves after he suggests it while at home and one time the family treated her as a rude guest when it was Citrus’ idea so she left.   Lemon, Honey and Pineapple haven’t had any love life either.   I think at this point she’s used 14 elixirs out of the 50 she’ll need to do.

Mango 6

“I feel like I’m getting close to finding the elixir I need.”

“You should be the amount of time spend poring over the books in search of it.”

“I’ve had time away from the books.”

“Yes, I know. But that last one you could have missed as meeting some stranger in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere isn’t the safest thing.”

“He didn’t show and it was a potential person who could have helped my search, but that doesn’t matter I know it’s in this book somewhere.  I’ve just got to find the right one now.”

“You have been diligently searching for it so it is only a matter of time.”

“Ah ha, I found it finally!”

“Great, now you can make it and then have a visit to Cupid.”

“Hmm, I don’t have all of the ingredients as I’m missing a purple butterfly.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any around here either and your siblings haven’t seen one either, so I guess you’ll have to go and find one which might take some time.”

“Actually, there happens to be some purple butterflies in the Fairy Maze so you can see if you can catch one there.”

“I caught one on my first try so now I have everything for my elixir.  It’s was easier that I thought it would be and it’s pretty here too.”

“You are so easy to make happy with just catching a butterfly.”

“Scarlet and Citrus were still on the door step when I returned from catching my needed butterfly.  I was sure they would have moved since.”

“I thought so too, but apparently they enjoy staring at each other’s eyes for hours as that’s all they’ve done.  Although, Citrus did seem to have plans just that Scarlet didn’t seem quite ready for what he had planned for the evening.”

“So how is the aging elixir coming along?”

“I’m being careful since we only have the one butterfly, and it’s going well as I’m almost there.  And I have success.  One dark blue aging elixir is finished.”

“Good now all you have to do is corner Cupid and toss him at it.  Hopefully, he’s not busy.”

“Where is Cupid as he was supposed to meet you?”

“He didn’t show up, but he finally did call as say he couldn’t make it.”

“Well, then I guess you’ll have to track him down.”

“Let me finish eating as I got hungry while waiting for him to arrive.”

“You should wait for him out his home as he’ll have to show up sometime after you finish your food.”

“See, Cupid did show up at his home and it looks like the reason he didn’t show up was that he was out trick or treating.”

“I forgot it was a holiday but we never did get dressed up and went trick or treating so it was an easy holiday miss.  Now I can make him older so I can find out his sign.  I hope the elixir works correctly.”

“It looks like it is working and you were careful in crafting it.”

“I thought you were interested in Cupid it is the reason why you researched that elixir.”

“It turns out that we’re just not that compatible with signs or personality.  Maybe I just thought we would be since he is a witch.”

“I’m sure there’s someone out there that you’ll eventually find someone that just keeps your attention you just haven’t found the right one.  So you might as well go out and befriend more friends.”

“I could use a few more friends and it’s not that easy finding someone I’m not friends with sometimes.”

“I think it’s your strange hours you keep and you don’t have a job either to meet co-workers. There is some older sims you didn’t meet in school so you could go and meet one of them. I believe this one is Zeus.”

“It turns out that that he was a witch but we do get along better than I did with Cupid and the elixir him my friend faster.”

“I still want to make friends with Glacier’s younger sister and I haven’t had the time to go over and meet her.”

“It’s getting late but I’m sure with another of your friendship elixirs she’ll be your friend in no time so one more stop for the night.”

“I’m really enjoying my elixirs and it turns out that she’s a fairy instead of a werewolf like Glacier.  Her mom’s a fairy too while Glacier takes after their dad in being a werewolf.”

“At least you’ve now made some more supernatural friends and have such a variety of them too.  You’ll have to find time to hang out with them.”

“Maybe today you can visit or have some friends over or maybe go to the park with them.”

“Nope, I’m going to paint today.  It turned very cold last night and we have snow so I’m going to spend the day indoors where it’s warm.”

“So painting, that’s where you and Citrus are alike as he loves to paint.”

“He’s working as a painter and his paintings tend to turn out better than my paintings so he is the better painter of us.  I’ve finishing up my green ivy painting and starting on a landscape.”

“The green one looks good.  I’m not sure how the lighthouse will turn out; perhaps you are better at the small detail paintings.”

“Well, at least one of you decided to get out into the snow.  Pineapple went to the park with Rosalyn and they looked to have plenty in common and had a fun outing.”

“I did get finished with two paintings so I did get something accomplished even if I didn’t hang out with my friends.”

“Hmm, I think I’m going to spend some more time around the house too as I’d like to make an invigorating elixir.  It’s should be more potent than just the caffeine from coffee at keeping someone up.”

“The elixirs are your life’s work so making another elixir is a good use of your time than the painting and it’s not stressful either.”

“I’ve gotten much better at brewing the elixirs too as I haven’t had one go bad in quite some time.”

“No, you haven’t and that is a good thing so you don’t waste the necessary ingredients.”

 “Winter is fully here so I guess I’ll have some fun wintery fun.”

“Which winter activity are you going to enjoy first then?”

“I was thinking of ice skating with Zeus.  That way I can spend some time with one of friends and enjoy skating.  Plus it’s more fun to skate with friends.”

“You are skating very well for your first time out on the ice.”

“I have practice rolling skating and this is similar enough that I caught on quickly.”

“It ended up being a nice evening for you and maybe you’ll go again.”

“Normally, I find Lemon watching the cooking channel not you.  I had thought you were finishing up your laundry.”

“I’m almost done with the laundry I just decided to do something productive while the clothes finish drying and Lemon left the TV on this channel.”

“He is the one who seems to use the TV most.”

 “But he uses it to watch the cooking channel and not anything more interesting.”

“I know I’ve got quite a few friends but it just doesn’t seem enough to me and I’d like to make a few more.”

“You are out of the friendship elixir which makes it much easier to make friends so you should make a few more.”

“I finished making a few batches of the elixirs.  I wonder how much I could make if I sold one of them the consignment shop.”

“I am not sure but that one is one of the easier elixirs so I would imagine not more so I guess that means you’re off to sell it.”

“Yeah, I’ll sell one of them and that leaves me with two more to use in making friends.”

“You didn’t earn too much from it, but hey, you did earn some money as you still don’t have a job.”

“It’s a good thing I have these friendship elixirs as some supernatural I meet take offense to me.  I’m not sure why this genie got so upset with me.”

“I’m not sure what it was about you that Cream Brule disliked, but at least with an elixir he’s your friend anyways no matter what difference you do have.”

“At least Affair was nicer about meeting me and I used my last elixir on him so that I made two new friends today.”

“Affair was nicer about meeting you, maybe your celebrity status impressed him since you didn’t have anything in common with either or he was just a nicer person that Cream was.”

“I’m out of the friendship elixirs but I’m not ready to go home and make more.  I think I should spend time with Glacier and go skating with him.”

“It looks like he’s running late to meet with you.”

“He was but he did show up so we could skate together.  I’m getting really good at skating and it’s a lot of fun.”

“Glacier didn’t look like he was having too much fun since you were skating circles around him.”

“It was his first time on ice skates but by the end I thought he had improved.”

“Is that why in the end you were just watching him skate while you sat by the fire?”

“No, I was a little cold and I’m hungry too, but all the places are closed and I really should go home.”

“Yes, it looks like it’s time to call it a night.”

“You still haven’t made quite as many friends as you’ve wished for so you’ll need to make a few more friendship elixirs to help you along.”

“Okay, but first I want to make another invigorating elixir.  I know I haven’t done anything with the first one, but I feel like I should have another on hand.”

“I don’t see why not as long as you have enough materials for the elixirs.”

“I should have enough as I keep taking them from Lemon’s harvested foods and herbs and I think Logan let me have a few too.”

“Good, it’s not like the herbs you use is useful for cooking.”

“Well, I finished all the elixirs even if it did take me awhile so I’ll have find my new friends another day.”

“New day so you can go out and find some new friends.”

“I will, but first Citrus wanted to get started on a painting of me.  He’s back to working on it and he’s coming along with it.”

“He is serious about painting when he’s not spending time with Scarlet.  Maybe one day he’ll actually get her to be his girlfriend.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any new people out here, just Killarney”

“I know but Killarney asked me to hang out with him while he was free and he then threw a snowball at me.  I’m not very happy about it and then he just up and left.”

“Which is how you ended up with Cream Brule who doesn’t like some of your traits?”

“He called after Killarney left and he asked me out, but I didn’t realize that he was still a teen.”

“Yes, well, you shouldn’t be on a date with a teenager.  And still no one new has shown up where you go.”

“I know and I’m sure I haven’t met everyone in town.  I guess I’ll just go home.”

“I think we found the people as they are congregating outside your home.  And you’re just playing in the snow.”

“It’s fun to make snow angels and I was trying to take my mind off on all of these people out here.  It seems that Honey is throwing a party and I don’t like them.”

“Well, look there are people you don’t know so why don’t you get up and make a friend.”

“Hm, I want to get to know him as he’s hot looking.”

“Just go over there and find out his name and then give him a friendship elixir.”

“His name is Mulberry and he just started working with Honey since she invited all of her co-workers to the party.”

“Then at least today wasn’t all lost with you adding one new friend.”


I’ve ignored the other in the house most of the post, but Mango keeps me busy since she doesn’t have a job.   The rest of the family are sort of in holding patterns in trying to master some skills.  Although after Citrus finished painting his wishes were filled up with Scarlet wishes and she’s not cooperating.   I’m wondering if she’ll wish to use any of the elixirs instead of just using them to get the friends she wants.

Mango 5

“Well, you’re all dressed up on a weekend.  Is there a special occasion?”

“I thought I’d wear something nice on my date.  Glacier asked me out and I have my first date.  I wonder if we have compatible signs.”

“That’s something you will have to ask Glacier when you meet up with him.  So where are y’all going for this date?”

“We’re meeting at the firehouse.”

“This is a strange place for you to be meeting up with.”

“I know and maybe we’ll go somewhere else later after I know his sign.  Maybe the park as there’s a festival going on and I’d like to try out a few things there.”

“Glacier told me his sign, but it wasn’t compatible with mine.”

“You can still continue your date with him as that’s only a small part of who he is and you might like him anyways.”

“He is interesting and a werewolf and we did manage to make it to the festival and get our photo taken.”

“You do look cute in it too.  And even if he’s not the one for you; there are plenty of other sims out there for you to be interested in.”

“You don’t have to be like your twin Citrus who knows who he loves or like Pineapple who wants to hit on younger ladies who pay more attention to Lemon than to him.”

  “You’re right.  I just haven’t made enough friends yet and I’ll need to get to know them.”

“And since it worked so well with Glacier and Killarney why don’t you make a few more of those friendship elixirs to help you along.”

“I successfully made a friendship elixir.”

“So who’s going to be first new friend?”

“I was thinking about Duncan as he’s Lazarus’ brother and he could be interesting since he’s already Lemon’s friend.  I should head over there and visit him.”

“It’s a bit late into the night for you to be running across town and waking him up.”

“Oh, so I’ll just have to wait for tomorrow then.”

“How did you get abducted again?”

“I was just gone outside and they took me again, but hey I met a different alien this time rather than the one that was dad’s friend.”

“Y’all really need to learn to stay away from the bright shiny lights in the sky.”

“It’s raining today and my umbrella is missing.”

“It was broken which is why you are visiting Duncan instead of meeting up with him in town in hopes of staying dry.  I just didn’t think you had to wait so long before someone answered the door.”

“I guess they were busy, but Lazarus finally got the door and I met his mother and sister before I found out if Duncan was actually there.”

“Well, you know he’s here for you to hang out with and get to know if Kit Kat ever lets you go find him in this house.”

“She was talkative and had to talk about all of her family which I didn’t realize how many siblings Lazarus has.”

“She did know that Duncan was in his room working on a drawing.  These elixirs are a great help in making friends quickly.”

“I knew that it would work better this way and now you’ve got plenty of time for other things too.”

“Later, since I do want to know Duncan’s sign so I’ll spend a bit more time with him.”

“You spent so much time with him you never went home to get ready for prom.”

“I had fun anyways and his sign was compatible with mine and I didn’t really want to go to prom anyways.”

“Citrus didn’t go either as Scarlet couldn’t go to prom with him so they made a day of just jamming together instead.”

“He really cares for Scarlet and my twin isn’t very social with many people in school anyways. I think Scarlet and I are his only friends.”

“You might be right about that as he never seems to talk to anyone else.”

“Perhaps that will change with his and yours birthday.”

“I’m surprised the party Logan threw us.  As mom didn’t throw us a party after we told her we didn’t like large groups at our parties and Logan went all out on this.”

“He did invite some of your friends and their families here but it’s not every day you become an adult and Pineapple and Lemon had a birthday party so he didn’t want you to feel left out.”

“I guess we turned out well even if it was uncomfortable.”

“And the two of you look gorgeous and your friends were glad to help you celebrate your birthday.”

“You’ve made another friendship elixir; you’ve gotten quite good at making it.”

“Yes this time I made enough of the elixir for two bottles so now I’ve got three of them to use and I think that’s just the right amount to have right now.”

“My next friend is going to be Cupid and he’s Casper’s younger brother.”

“You’ve going to get a habit of befriending siblings of your friends that you do have.”

“I might as it seems like the right thing to do.”

“You look to have gotten off on the wrong foot with Cupid so it’s a good thing that you have an elixir to use with him.”

We just don’t have the same interests, but I’m still his friend with a little toss of my elixir.  But I think it might be a bit awkward if I ask his sign.”

“True, you are quite a bit older than he since his oldest brother is your age.  You might have a long wait to ask him.”

“I’ll just have to find something to do as it will be years for that.  I don’t know why I can’t want to get to know sims my own age.”

“It’s just who you are.  Unlike Citrus in that he couldn’t wait to profess is love to Scarlet.  But you know your older brother Pineapple has had to wait for Rosalyn to become of age for him to date so it’s just not you.”

“I suppose so and it will give me time to do some research into some other elixirs.”

“You know there might be something in there to help.  We can look to see if there could be such an elixir to help.”

“I’m finally graduating and leaving school behind and we have a pretty good size class too.”

“I know it was busy at the entrances to the ceremony.  You and Citrus did really well in your classes and graduated in honors.”

“Citrus was also voted the most artistic in our class too and I got most likely to have a large family. And it was a mass of families there with Scarlet and Lilly and their families then Killarney and his brother Pine graduating too so there was a whole family of fairies.  It was an exciting day and I think a bit overwhelming too.”

“It looked like it was getting to Citrus as he is normally so calm.  Maybe it was the large crowd and excitement from graduating.”

“You’ve spent countless hours searching your elixir manual and looking through the ones at the elixir shop don’t you think that you might want to do something else.  Or at least get back to your friends you do have?  Fall is here and you’ve missed a lot.”

“The shop owner assured me somewhere there was an elixir to age a person that I could use for Cupid.”

“You’ve missed a lot in the basement through.  Pineapple has been enjoying his new job in ghost hunting and taking care of the bothersome spirits.  He’s even hung out with Sky to learn more about ghosts.  Lemon has his garden growing and attempting to get some pumpkins up before any frost kills them.  And even Citrus has become a self-employed painter and working on some paintings to get known in town.  You’re the only one without a job.”

“I suppose I have been ignoring everyone and I really should answer my phone as I’ve missed calls from my friends. So I suppose I’ll take a break and whoever calls next I’ll talk with.”

“So which of your friends was the first to call you?”

“Killarney wants to hang out at the playground.”

“It will do you good to leave the house even if it is getting late and cold a night.”

“It was invigorating outside and we played a rousing game of hopscotch.  It was lots of fun even if in the end it was a tie as he had to leave.”

“Looks like everyone is heading out tonight even you Mango have left your pursuit of elixirs.”

“I am the last to leave as Citrus already left for his date with Scarlet and Pineapple has been gone all afternoon.”

“He wanted to spend the day at the festival and earn some prize tickets.  And Citrus and Scarlet look cute together it was just too bad that she called the date early to go to work so he had to hang out with Pineapple.”

“My twin is in search of the prefect date with Scarlet and can’t seem to get one where she doesn’t have to go into work early.”

“I’m actually spending the even with Lazarus in celebration of his wedding to Sky and I got to meet one of her brothers.”

“Well, you should know by now the best way to get some friends is to use one of your friendship elixirs.  I’m sure it will work on Hunter.”

“And it did even if was a bit tired and the party had pretty much ended it was fun to catch up with Lazarus and Sky.”


So all of them are young adults in the house and since then the aliens have yet to return for them so I think there must be a bug involving aliens and teenagers.  I’m not entirely sure if that’s Hunter or Forrest as the game rolled them into similar clothes and hair and so they look very much alike to me.   I’m creatively getting her to get Cupid aged up faster so she can flirt/ask sign as he is a whole lot younger than her and I don’t want to wait too long with that wishes stuck due to ages.

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