A Berry Sweet Sims 3 Story

Mango 14

“I need to meet some new people.”

“Really, that’s a surprise as it’s been awhile since you’ve wanted to go out and meet people.”

“Yeah, I think it’s time for me to make a few new friends.”

“There’s a couple of people at the pool, a celebrity and an imaginary friend I think.”

“Well, the imaginary friend left so I guess I’ll make friends with Serena instead since she’s famous and I still have a few elixirs left so this will be easy.”

“Good job and this way you didn’t have to through and impress a celebrity with your own celebrity status. You even took time to throw things at your new friend.”

“I was testing her reflexes which aren’t as good as a few other people they’ve tested have.  I still want to find an imaginary friend to make my friend. I never had one so I don’t know how they become real to interact with.”

“It’s a long process and you always had your twin so you didn’t need an imaginary friend. I guess you can track down one that inherited that occult state from their parent.”

“I did find you who does have the imaginary friend gene for you to befriend so now you can hang around her home till she gets home from school.”

“You were right, Megan is one and with an elixir she’s now my friend. I had to use it since she kept wondering off when I tired to talk to her.”

“She was looking hungry and tired after a long day at school, it’s a good thing you still had another elixir.”

“I thought you were getting ready and then going to help get Cloudberry and Melie ready for their birthday party this evening and here you are just letting Logan take care of
Cloudberry instead.”

“I will it’s just going to take a little longer since I need find some new clothes since I’m pregnant.”

“Wait, What? But you haven’t had any signs that you were pregnant, Mango.”

“I have been lucky since I haven’t been sick like Scarlet was with Cloudberry. I’m hoping it’s a little girl as I love my nieces.”

“So no morning sickness for you and not even a single craving either how unlike most pregnancies so you’ve surprised me here.”

“Well, it’s nice that I can even keep surprises from everyone. Although, I should finish up helping with my nieces for their birthday party Scarlet’s throwing.”

“Well, it’s not every day Scarlet gets a chance to throw a party and it is for her girls who are always dotted upon by everyone. I’m sure your daughter would be too.”

“Logan seem to be the one who always like to take the babies for their first birthday. He often help you’re own parents with it too.”

“Uncle Logan is very helpful with them and Scarlet let him so she could cheer Cloudberry on.”

“Cloudberry is another adorable child for them and Citrus and Scarlet seemed to have named their girls very well.”

“It’s a big day for Melie too since she’ll start school soon and my brother will have to let her out for school.”

“Citrus does dote on Melie but she seem very attached to her father too and is a lovely looking child.”

“So are you going to want anything normal for a pregnancy? Most expecting mother’s prefer to read about what to expect and have some sort of food cravings.”

“No, I’m not having any cravings and I’ve just been helping around the house lately. I could use a massage since I’ve started to have some backaches, maybe a day at the spa.”

“That’s easily done and you seemed to have gotten several discounts there too.”

“Yeah, it’s rather nice to spend a few days at the spa.”

“I did notice that as soon as you had one trip there you had to go back. I think you spent most of you time there.”

“I couldn’t help myself it’s so relaxing and I did get to talk to a few people around time too.”

“Signing autographs and showing off your gizmos to passerbys while pregnant is liable to get you noticed in the papers since you’re not married and you’re famous.”

“There wasn’t too many and I did spend most of the time in the spa.”

“And despite spending so much on spa treatments and massages, I have spent some time with Cloudberry too.”

“Hmm, is that why after getting her ready for bed you decided to let her sleep on the floor instead of the crib. I’m thinking you should have read a baby book.”

“Ow, not exactly my fault I didn’t get her into the crib since I’ve gone into labor and it’s quite painful.”

“Well, then we need to get you to the hospital and maybe your child’s father will show up.”

“I’m not sure if Hunter will show up as he’s been working a few night shifts now and has gotten extra assignments and I haven’t really had much chance to talk to him about being
pregnant with our child.”

“Yes, but I’m hoping that he’ll show up even if you did have an avoidance of telling Hunter you were having his child.”

“I really shouldn’t be surprised by what you do anymore, but I didn’t think you’d have twins. And it looks like Hunter didn’t come home with you and the children.”

I was surprised too even if I’m a twin and Hunter is from triplets so it does make since that I had twins.”

“They do belong in this family since they look remarkably like you and Citrus did when Cherimoya brought you home and you did mange to get your daughter you wanted too.”

“I did even if she’s the younger of the them. My son, Quince Ginger is just a bit older than his sister Amber Grape. She’s a hungry one.”

“Now all you have to worry about is raising them yourself since Hunter seems to have missed comin’ home with you.”

“Oh, I told you Hunter has important work and sometimes has night raids.”

“Amber is quickly becoming your favorite of the twins I see.”

“I did want a daughter but Amber is fussier than Quince as he never needs to be rocked to sleep like Amber does.”

“It does seem that you do have to take care of a screaming Amber more often than Quince.”

“My nieces were never as fussy as my daughter and neither is my son. I might need some help with Amber.”

“Have you decided if you’re going to have Hunter involved with the twins?”

“Yup. I want him to be involved with his children and I do love him, so I’d like to marry him now.”

“That just leaves you to stalk his home since he won’t come over when you call.”

“He is easier to find at home after work and he’s been sad that his mom died recently. We do have a lot to talk about and I hope to convince him to marry me.”

“You might as marry him tonight as it works well for you family to have private weddings.”

“I guess I will since I got him to agree to marry me and I would like him to live with us and that way he can get to know his children too.”

“Well, then congrats on getting marrying the father of your children so now he can help you.”

“You and Hunter seem to have settled into taking turns with Amber.  She’s going to end up spoiled that this rate.”

“It takes both of us to handle her she’s just a fussy baby, but at least Quince is easier to care for and is a sweet one.”

“It is a shame that neither of you wanted to throw a birthday party for them.”

“You know I don’t like parties so I don’t think I’ll ever throw them a party like Scarlet does from Cloudberry and Melie.”

“Still Quince is an adorable son and look very much like your father.”

“He does favor my side of the family more, but Amber looks like she going to look very much like Hunter and he does adore her already.”

“Amber’s looks do pretty much say that she’s a daddy’s girl with your cute ears.”


So she up to 29/50 elixirs thrown, and she’s gotten her family straitened out however all her wishes afterward are to train her twins.  She needs to get back with the elixir making and throwing.   Amber is always crying even when there’s nothing wrong with her and her needs seem to drop faster than any of the other children in house.  I think she’s going to be right terror, but I love how Quince turned out.


Comments on: "Mango 14" (7)

  1. Mango married Hunter and had twins!! Or, well, in reverse order. That is just awesome. I see what you mean about Quince inheriting skin from his grandfather. You got a yellow-skinned kid a generation off. Not bad :).

    I have to say that Amber is adorable though. It looks to me like she got Mango’s skintone rather than Hunter’s, since hunter’s is pinker. Hunter’s hair, Mango’s skin, and it looks like Hunter’s eyes is a pretty good combination. It’s nice that SOMEBODY got Charles’s hair.

    I liked your quote, “I really shouldn’t be surprised by what you do anymore.”

    Were you actually surprised? Did you try for baby and think it didn’t take?

    • I didn’t use try for baby and I never did hear no baby chimes if she did it on her own so I really didn’t think she was pregnant until she popped.

  2. OMG!! WHAT!!! THAT WAS A SHOCK!!! HOW did you get the yellow skin – I’ve NEVER seen that happen before!!! thats pretty amazing!! Twins too – they are cute!!! Melie is really cute too!!!

    • I know it was a first time I’ve seen the grandparent’s skin tone that one of the parent’s didn’t have.

  3. whitewaveldc said:

    The twins are so adorable!!! Her niece is very adorable as well, I just love her big eyes. Too cute!

  4. Heya! I hope you’re coming back!

  5. Raina, thanks so much for the gift on the officials. I can log in to chat in the forums and get to my page, but I cannot get into the store to accept the gift or regift. It keeps saying I am invalid. I have been trying to buy simpoints for over a month now and it never lets me log in. Stupid EA. I am still trying to catch up on my reading and I sure hope you will be coming back soon.

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